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@Seifer - Bondo's real use is for repairing dings in fiberglass car / boat bodies. It's pretty similar in how to use it on the wonderflex surface., just much thicker and quicker to dry. It's also something that should be done with a mask outdoors since it's toxic. Advantageous for smooth and not so detailed surfaces (sci fi armor).

I have seen that link a couple times - but forgot they discussed weathering. It will probably be complicated with the shade of grey of Cecil. Maybe just a very slight touch of black to mix in the paint.

We do have a really cool costume shop in my area, so I may find one. If not, then probably eBay will work like with the scarves.

I would say a couple months before SC would be a good time.

Sorry to hear about your Zipper and can understand the frustration. At least it lasted through SC and made it through the shoot. I'm doing the same thing but with nylon backpack straps and buckles so Cecil can be adjustable to my size.

I forgot, I need to send out the DVD of the shoot. Been so freakin busy with work these days. I'll try to get that out on Wed. Once I finish touching up Sakura's shoot. I will also submit that to the photoshoots section.
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