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I read over the taobao wig thread and decided I really wanted to try it out a while ago. I heard that Taobaospree is a good,honest service. I spoke to them briefly about items I wanted and the total price.
I had a gut feeling that I wanted to try someone else. And so I did, I found

They were just as nice as Susan and CiCi from taobaospree which I found quite pleasant

I chose because, as I dare say it, I'm a cheapo, but eitherway I saved a few more bucks via taobaoring then using taobaospree... though I'm not 100% sure honestly ^^; (EDIT: Well maybe more like .32 cents-ish ^^; )

Sydney was really awesome about answering questions. Her *or who ever I spoke to* Had Good English, quite professional!

TaobaoRing service percentage is 8%
where as TaobaoSpree service is 10%
of the items total cost (if its over 500 CNY otherwise its 50CNY [8 usd or so]).

I found out on my own that I think indeed doing a batch order would be alot more worth it then buying just a few items on their own.

I had ordered 3 different items, 8 total items being:
  • 2 Wigs (
  • 1 Master grade Gundam model kit
  • 5 Gundam decals
weight: 1908 G

CNY to USD for this transaction: 6.25 CNY to 1 USD *mind that this is CONTINUOUSLY changing*

the final price after: (1)= first payment (2)= second payment

(1)Items cost: 297.30 CNY or 47.56 USD
(1)Service Fee: 26.74 CNY or 5.92 usd
(1)Domestic Del.: 37.00 CNY or 4.27 usd
(2)Intel Shipping: 279.00 CNY or 44.64 usd
(1+2)Paypal @ 4% + 0.30 USD
(1)payment of: 57.75 usd + 2.63 , really paid: 60.36
(2)payment of: 44.64 usd + 1.78 , really paid: 46.72

Complete total: 107.08 USD

At first I had planed on using airmail for its cheaper price, but I went with EMS, because it was only a few dollars more in the end of how much everything weighed. It was either wait 14+ days, or wait 5 or so days.

In the end I know I saved money simply because I could have paid alot lot more for the wigs, and definitely A LOT more on the gundam and decals.

Im going to calculate how much it would have cost via taobaospree if I did go with them
just for comparisons sake

EDIT: Looking over Taobaospree I remembered why I went with Taobaoring,
Their page is quite confusing, Managable, but very confusing at first. Taobaoring is simple, and straight forward.

second edit:
Taobaospree: No insurance

(1)Items cost: 297.30 CNY or 47.56 USD
(1)Service Fee: 50.00 CNY or 8.00 USD
(1)Domestic Del: 37.00 CNY or 4.27 USD
(2)EMS Intel. Shipping+8cny customs fee: 45.92 USD
(1)payment of: (384.30cny) 61.48 USD
(2)payment of: (287.00cny) 45.92 USD

complete total: 107.40 usd

So in the end it looks like there probably isn't much savings between the two agents,
at which point I think it really depends on your own opinion of the agents when you talk to them. Oh by the way, another plus for taobaoring is that, when my items were received at their warehouse, they took a photo of it for me! neat ~ *I believe taobaospree does this if they have free time I don't know how often that is though..*
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