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@ FinalEvangelion: Yeah I remember you saying that Bondo doesn't really leave a smooth finish, which works really well for Sci Fi armor. I guess that makes sense. I have actually been using paperclay to fill in horrible dents and folds on some of my armor. It's not something I would really recommend for say torso armor or any armor pieces that might bend or warp because it will crack the paperclay. I have been tempted to try white glue in the same application but just haven't had the chance yet.

I was actually trying to find a sword painting tutorial that really discussed weathering but this was all I could find. Basically my method is much the same but I use a few colors to weather and then go back over it lightly with the original color. I sort of stamp the brush which will ruin the bristles but it looks really good I think. So as for paint for Cecil, I was looking at this image of him and I see a little bit of a purpley blue tint to his armor. What might be interesting to do would be to get a light blue and a purple metallic paint and mix them to the right color then maybe mix some of this in with the silver for weathering too. Just an idea. Black and dark shades of silver would look nice too. I would just test it out and see what you think looks best. :P Paint is sort of fun because if you screw up, you can always paint over it.

Oh that zipper was dying anyway. It was one of those flimsy invisible zippers and those things aren't very good after a few uses. I think the laces will hold much better and probably work better too. And like you said, at least it lasted through the con and the shoot! I think adjustable armor/cosplays is the way to go. It's easier and if weight is gained or lost, you should still be okay.

Ha ha! That's okay that you forgot about the DVD. I understand. April has just flown by because of how busy I have been. I guess it's the same for everyone else. My friend will be excited about the Sakura shoot. I will have to let her know! Thanks again.

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