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So saturday after my event at my local card store I felt so 'special' XD I had to ride a bus and walk around with my cosplay on. People probably thought I was nuts. (Well atleast the people who didn't know why I was dressed up) There was this one guy near a stop light driving really slowly to the stop line so that he could stare at me. Had people on the bus sneak stares at me, and of course had other passer-bys and moterist staring at me.... At least I won the Avacyn Restored fat pack that I will be given on friday. XD (Pictures of my Liliana cosplay will be up soon, promise! My boyfriend and one of the owners of the card store have to give me the pictures that I am in ) (yes this is the third time I post this in a thread, but it applied to all three so ya XD)
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