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Name of Merchant: Match Wigs
Item purchased (please include quantity): Wanar V. Short Black Wig
Links to picture(s) of your received item: None.
Timeline (how long your order took to process): Placed first order on 11th March, shipped 16th March but it hasn't showed up to this day. Replacement order shipped 17th April and I picked it up 2nd May. (arrived in my country a few days earlier)
Describe your Experience. Comments: The transaction went well but it takes around 4-5 days for them to ship the wig after payment. The first wig I ordered without tracking and still to this day (3rd May) it hasn't arrived so I suppose it got lost somewhere. That has never happened to me before. Oh well, I wrote a thread here in the wig forum and asked about shipping times and I guess a member here mentioned my problem to them because they took contact with me and asked about it. They offered to send a replacement wig, with tracking to make sure it arrives, without any extra costs for me. That's super customer service! That replacement order was prepared 13th April, shipped 17th April and attempted delivery 25th April although I never saw any signs of someone trying to visit my house. *shrugs* But I picked it up 2nd May at the post office in town because I got a delivery notification from them err, I think it was 27th April. Next time I will make sure to order from them with tracking.

Pros: Amazing customer service!!! Cheap and good quality wigs. I checked the wig when I ordered it and it seemed very nice, a bit shinier than photos though but the fiber is very soft.

Cons: Processing your order takes some days and the shipping took a bit of time, but it's free shipping so I don't really complain. xD Just make sure to order your wigs in time before the con and you'll be fine ~

Final Grade: A

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