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Originally Posted by Clover-chan View Post
Hey everybody! Ahhh, only 2 weeks to go! Scary exciting now.

Question, is it too late to change theme songs? I had some songs in mind and think they would suit the event better than the OST tracks I chose earlier for mine and my partner. If it's not too much trouble?
Nope that's fine. I'll make the adjustments accordingly as long as you tell me on time. Just make a new post on here instead of editing an old one. Thanks

Originally Posted by lolacolabunny View Post
Alright! So I have made my decision
I WILL be changing my cosplay to Mephisto from Ao No Exorcist. I may have a friend join me as Amaimon for battles.

As for the background sound for me, I will post that up soon!
Sounds good. I'll update the list then.

Less than 3 weeks to go guys! Now I go back to work and track down that fool that dared to eat my breakfast
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