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I just about died when I saw this outfit for the second last episode (20?). If it showed up before I missed it as I've missed a few episodes about 3.

When I'll make it I'm not sure but it's on my radar I as I love every last bit of it including the Ursala hairdo. (Maybe Fan Expo 2013) It will probably become a costume-con Toronto outfit as well given time contrasts. Might even drop my steam punk for this as I've always wanted to do the Evil Queen but finding a costume design that i liked would be hard.

I also think it's her ring she got from her lover (I total forgot his name lol) she is wearing as a necklace? Do you think it's corseted int he back or just form fitted? lol

Out of curiosity do you think they are at least work with Disney with the lovely references they have done with the cartoons?

Edit: I've officially dubbed this Regina's Poison Apple Dress.

Dose anyone have recommendations for the top/jacket pattern?

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