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Hooray!!!!!! The forums live again!!!

@ FinalEvangelion: I think the glue might work, but I also think to make it more paintable, I think I would also have to put Gesso on it as well. We will see though. And actually, Gesso bends really well with wonderflex. I haven't had any restriction issues with it at all. That's interesting that Bondo does though. I should that could help or hinder a cosplay depending on what you need.

I think that's a good idea to mix a few jars of paint. I would practice with the little painters trays first and see what colors you like first though before you start mixing all your bottles together. :P And yes, FolkArt is the brand of Metallics I like. I think Deco Art also has their own brand and they are almost the exact same colors as FolkArt and paints the same. So either will work for you I am sure.

Ah the trim okay. Well it depends on the type you want but once you know what it's called, it's easy enough to find.
This is bullion trim: t_2059wt_1396
And this is fringe trim: t_782wt_1163 (It doesn't always come that long, usually it's much shorter)

I got the pictures yesterday and everything was just fine. Thank you so much for those by the way! I now have some photos to buy frames for. :P

For your Cecil armor, one thing you could do is sort of trick the armor to make the "hourglass look". If you build up the top more then it makes everything look smaller. I am not sure if it will work but it was the only thing I could think of. I am glad that what you have fits you really well though. I am glad to hear the Wonderflex is working for you.

As for your job: They say that the best time to look for a job is when you already have one. I think what I would do is to look for another job now before your cons roll up so that you already have a few months under your belt before you start requesting time off. Some jobs are just unwilling to work with people's schedules and I don't think there are any jobs out there that are worth dealing with that. People should be able to request vacation without a hassle. Keep your hobbies because they are what make life worth living and find a new job. There are plenty of them out there. Good luck.

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