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Forums are back!

Even though I haven't been posting as often, it feels weird to not have something to browse during work boredom.

@Seifer: 17 days until invasion! >.> I'm going to annoy the living crap out of my friends that weekend. That's what they get for offering me crash space. A nutty cosplayer.

@Final: Ugh. I've been down that road with work before. GameStop was like that for me. I use to do a 4-day work week, Friday-Monday, and for a period of about 8 months they had a freeze on asking Friday-Sunday off. Which affected everyone in customer service and store tech support. What a pain that was. Had to go through a lawyer to get them to revoke that. Especially for someone in my case, that would mean I could only have Monday's off for time off? Yeah. Can't legally do that guys. Try again.

Hopefully you're able to find work in your field soon. Just keep at it and you'll get there.

As for the "hourglass" look, Seifer's suggestion might work. I've seen people do this with Vampire Hunter D, where they take the basic shape and build up the chest to look larger so that when they slip into the "armor/suit" it gives that illusion without squeezing you to death.

Aside: Ever since I made the plushie ( ) at work, they keep asking me to do stuff for them. That was a bad idea. No more sewing projects. I'll just leave them at home. ><
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Dear society: want us to stop dressing up skanky? Stop putting only the skanky chicks on G4 and start giving your comic women pants.
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