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@ Tifaia: Hopefully the rest of the site comes back to life again soon. I hear you on the browsing at work... Guilty!

I am so excited about Fanime!! I sooooo need the vacation... It will be fun to meet you in person too! By the way, when did you want to meet up so I can give you Zelgadis? Would you just like me to PM you my number so you can let me know?

Ha to GameStop. I am surprised they tried to get away with that. Well at least you stopped that dead in its tracks. :P

I loved your Nights!! I know I said that before but just totally awesome of you to cosplay an old school character like that. I hope to be working on a similar sort of cosplay within the next year. And your plushie is so cute! So I can see why people wanted you to make more stuff for them. I think it's just a rule sometimes though that you shouldn't let everyone know what you can really do. Then they will start asking for favors and free stuff. who has time for that??

@ Terra~Esper: Honestly I am not sure. But I think I might have made a word document of her tutorial on my home computer. I will check later today and send it to you if I do find it okay? Keep your chin up, you will get this done!

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