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Exclamation Poses for the following characters

I've never done a photo shoot for cosplay ever! I kinda need advice on how to pose and stuff. The reason why I'm asking for help is because I've never been photogenic. I loathe taking pictures because my family badgers a lot for photos. But recently I've been starting to like it more, but I'm still in that irritated area of taking pictures. I know shouldn't be like that, but I think I'll grow out of it as time progresses.
Anyway, I know all these characters attitudes and behavior, but I am new at posing/ I suck, so I have no idea what a good pose for the character would be. Plus, when I pose I feel weird and unnatural and a little exposed and insecure. Anway, here's the list of characters I need help posing for.

-Ciel Phantomhive
-Hannah Annafeloz
-Stocking Anarchy
-Izaya Orihara
-Minene Uryu
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