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Okay! Time for my six cents.

Contacts bought: [Yellow Cat Contacts]


Image of them on:

Look: 5/5
Comfort: 4.5/5

Omg. For my first ever contact lens purchase ever, I am VERY VERY PLEASED. <3 I love them. I didn't allow them to soak which is probably why the comfort is not 5/5. >_>; I didn't buy the contact lens solution and have been storing them in the contact lens case that came free with the purchase and the liquid that the lenses were in. >_>; Soooo yeah bad idea.
I bought the lenses on April 23, they were shipped the 24th and I received the contacts I believe on May 3rd. So the shipping was pretty quick.

Ummm. :0 I really don't know what else to say

Recommend them definitely!
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