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rj: looks really kickass. Bawww wish I could see this costume n person :/

Other news. Guys, guess who met KOJIMA last Tuesday? DDDDDD
(and Mister Shinkawa) *g*
It still feels like a dream.
We had SO much fan and felt so honored.
Not only the fans and Kojima &Shinkawa loved our costumes, no, even Knami asked us personally for pictures and appreciated it really much. Even one security guy asked us xD
They all handled us like was fuckin crazy! Especially since MGS fans are usually so rare here..but that day I was blasted away how many showed up. But we were the only cosplayers.

It was SO awesome. I'ms till thrilled!
When kojima showed up, the crowd whistled and screamed...but Kojima had his pokerface, with a slight smile and walked on. But then he saw US. (we were nearly the first ones in the queue xD) he saw me and his face DROPPED. he frooze, said "Bossu!!" and came directly to me. I was... blown away. My hands were shaking! (wtf? my hands were never shaking in my life before because of a situation lol)
I got 2 autographs, he loved my flowers and costume and his translator told me, that Shinkawa and Kojima were amazed, because I look like they always imagined The Boss.

I couldn't and still can't believe it. I'm dne. I can die happy now. Because that's the fuckin biggest compliment I could ever get, haha x'D
But back to ste story.
We had SO much fun being around them.
We walked down to smoke a cigarette (well 2 of our comerades) and suddenly one woman of the konami-management showed up and asked us to come back up, Kojima and Shinkawa (and konami) wanted pictures at the end of the autograph session.
We were even more thrilled then and took the longest fuckin esclator ever up again (escalator over 5 floors xD)
So we waited another hour.
I felt really sorry for the people they sent away after time was up.
And even more, after they waved us in after sending a good 50-60 people away >///<
Kojima signed the last 20 people while we were waiting backstage.
And then we got the chance to take pictures with him.
And we had a wall of phtographers watching us and taking pictures (mostly the fans who got sent home ^^)
Here's a pic I found online (LOL kojima stood on something to appear bigger. that's cute xD)

and here's a crappy vid of the backstage-feeling.
Please ignore the stupid remarks I made. It's just a running gag nd for amusement. Kojima followed me with his eyes all thse hours and glanced to me/us.
That's why I made a small oke out of it.
He's really a cool guy for his age! But they are really typical Japanese, too. Very shy and friendly.
And sorry for the crappy quality. the camera is halfway broke and didn't record the moment when Kojima showed up (I was SO MAD and sad about that) so we let the camera run through all the time, so we knew for sure it's recording...
and our poor friend had to record everything AND take pictures at the same time, haha. So please forgive the shaking.

Long story short: It was a blast! And we hope to repeat that someday. (with gifts for them)

And yes I look exhausted xD. I had a con-weekend spent in this costume and just heard about Kojima coming to Frankfurt at sunday evening. So I had a little stress, washing +drying the costume, packing all stuff, organize where and when we meet, how to get there etc and drove Monday night at 10 PM up to Frankfurt. X.x I felt dead that day. and some parts didn't look right, no matter what I tried.
Bu who cares.
We had a nice time with Konami, Kojima and Shinkawa, with the fans and our friends.
It was a blast. And thats all that matters.
And we still feel like it was all just a dream.
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