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Just an update on fabric:

DO NOT ORDER FROM STRETCH HOUSE. The samples are lovely, and you'll get those quickly, and they give you pages and pages of samples even though you didn't order them. But they charge an arm and a leg for shipping and seem to make clerical errors like... overcharging you $10 to your credit card, not sending a final invoice with shipping, not sending you shipping notifications... not responding when you email to ask them about your order (they respond wonderfully when asking them questions before you order, though). Finally called them today to check up on my order since I noticed that though my final fabric order was $32, my credit card was charged $58.47. $26 for ground UPS shipping?!?!?! when competitor Spandex World was gonna charge me $11.95? The only reason why I went with Stretch House was because I appreciated their samples. I had no idea they were going to overcharge for shipping (when I called, he said the shipping cost was $16.47) and overcharge my credit card another $10. Possibly a clerical error, but, not responding to my email inquiries? Not sending final invoice or UPS shipping information or notification that the order shipped? That's all kind of shady.

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I couldn't find that thread with recommendations on where to buy fabric and such, but the search feature seems to be not working for me at the moment.

Costume update:
- Somehow the sleeves made the armholes too small. Have to redo those.
- I figured out how to put a zipper in the leotard! By hand. >_>
- Getting the gold fabric today, apparently, so my skirts will be complete and I can attach them all to the leotard within the next few days.
- The collar is still giving me a lot of stress thinking about it, but I got some... really, cardboard-thick interfacing so my collar is GONNA STAND UP, YO. lol.

... basically, the dress part of the costume will be complete soooon(TM)! Then on to wig dyeing and styling and figuring out the wings. >_<

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