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@Candle: Oh wow! What a compliment. Thank you so much!

I always say this when people leave me feedback, but everything you said really means a lot to me. While most of my feedback on this costume has been positive, I've gotten the occasional negatives as well. So, to hear a nice comment like this lets me know that my hard work paid off, if that makes sense. C:

I spent so long trying to get that costume as accurate as possible (with exceptions made for comfort) that hearing comments like "nice interpretation" or "they got the suit wrong" kind of bothered me. I mean, I know I wont be able to make it 100% accurate (no one can).

Everyone is entitled to their opinion though I guess. I'm proud of it! And I'm glad the people that do like it enjoy seeing my work online. It's fellow cosplayers like you that keep me positive. After all, this is just a hobby and, while I do strive to do my very best, I have to remember that not everyone will like what I do... but there are many who will! C: That and I cosplay for myself. If I like my work... then it's perfect in my book! lol

So thanks! Sorry for the mini-rant/empowerment speech. lol Just felt like sharing. Plus it's 3:00AM and I'm a sensitive insomniac.

Can't wait to see your Clu and Rinzler costumes! Do post pictures!

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