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Originally Posted by KnightJeran View Post
-wishes I didn't already buy a wig-

I wish they warned us too! I didn't see it on any list or previews or anything! I find their dark brown still a tad bit too light for my liking, but I'm definitely going to get a close up look at it at Colossalcon and perhaps buy it if I like it enough.

The style is actually pretty good though! They even have the wave at the top of the head, instead of just being curly.
i still really like the curly-ness though. its very hard to find a nice curly wig without it being too over or under curled. Makes me even want to do a Sherlock cosplay XD Nah, i am more of a john cosplayer <3
Sherlock : "Nobody could be that clever."
John : "You could."
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