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Final Fantasy 2012

Here we go!

Saturday September 1st

10:30 am

First Floor Sheraton Convention Center
(between Registration and Dallas Ballroom the large one).

This is for Final Fantasy characters only. Friends, family, fans, and photographers are welcomed!

Note: May move depending on size. Well start right at 10:30.

If needed, we can push the time back to 11. There is just SO MUCH STUFF going on Saturday. I wish I could say! The full schedule will be out soon though. ^^

Photo Lineup:

By Game (1,2,3,4,5, etc.)

Job Class (A group shot of each class. Warriors. Thieves. Bards. Summoners. Etc.)

Evil Shall Rule (Good guys bow down to evil).

Good Always Wins (Bad guys cower as the good guys beat you up).

Group Photo (in order by game).

Open Requests/Silly Pictures!
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