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Originally Posted by Candle View Post
@Icey: Whoa!! Great job! Do tell, where did you get that awesome helmet?! And where did you get the yellow EL? I bought yellow EL a while ago and it turned out having a BLUE center wire covered in yellow which made it glow green... Very annoying. But I digress! You cloak is simply stunning.
Thanks! The helmet was made by me. I started off with a paper mached balloon and built around it with poster board in the shapes I needed, covered those with more paper mache, smoothed it out with joint compound and painted it. Basically a poor man's pepakura. I'm in the process of remaking it with resin and bondo this time since the other one is starting to chip pretty bad and it's slightly too small for my head so it hurts my cheeks taking it on and off.

I got the yellow EL from It's the high bright stuff, but I'm going to be swapping out majority of the stuff for LED strips instead. My center wire is also blue. All EL wire is either blue, turquoise, or white. It's the colored sheath that goes over it that makes the other colors. The sheath on mine is orange. Yellow would make sense, but during my trials of what color would work best, I also had the problem of glowing green when I tried placing clear yellow plastic over white wire since it's such a cool white that it gives off a bluish hue.
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