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Originally Posted by lolacolabunny View Post
Hey! So I can't really think of any specific music I want...the only one I had in mind was Sexy and I know it by LMFAO
I can totally see Mephisto walking to that.....but I didnt know if I should use it

If you find any other cool background battle music, Im totally fine with that
LOL! Consider it done. Don't forget to wiggle

Originally Posted by griffstar View Post
If it's not too late, I was hoping to change my character. It's just more convenient since the Digimon photoshoot is before the game.

Burninggreymon from Digimon.
Song: Fire! by Wada Kouji, Digimon Frontier opening

Sorry that it's so late, I just wanted to make sure that I could finish him in time before I went ahead and changed my character.
Ya made it just in time

And also everyone, today is the deadline regarding changes and stuff. Meaning after 12am, everyone who hasn't gotten back to me about music, a random intro shall be assigned to you. Don't worry, I'll give you guys something that is befitting of your character. If by chance anyone has a costume change, then you can still post that change on here and I'll update the list accordingly but again music wise, it'll be the same intro that you provided before or a random one assigned. Take care everyone!
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