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Are OCs a good idea for a Costume Contest?

Hey guys I basically wanted some advice.
When it comes to games like World of Warcraft and Diablo 3, playable characters almost always look different since there are several different looks, armors, equiptment, etc.

In my case, I wanted to do a witchdoctor costume from Diablo 3. I've already begun buying materials based off official game art, but I don't really like the main designs TOO much. I like the way it looks but I wanted to design my own mask and change up the outfit a bit to reflect my style a bit more. My redesign for the character still looks like a witchdoctor, it's just a brand new design.

I was just wondering, how well do things like this last in cosplay or costume contests? Do judges think it's more impressive when you design the costume yourself or do they think maybe it's an attempt to be lazy since you didn't follow the character correctly?
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