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I might be cosplaying a Original character of mine named Jenny Here is a picture from my DA.
http://marinathepersian.deviantart.c...lery/#/d4zg91z . I think cosplaying as your own character can be fun I had too two Tsubascon conventions ago and it was really fun. Didn't get a lot of pictures taken of me, but I didn't care I had a lot of fun doing it.
With that cosplay I am cosplaying A Gijinka Oshawott or Sandile.

TsubasaCon 2012 Cosplays-
Still Choosing
1.Kyubey - Madoka Magica
2. Fluttershy- MLP


Twilight Sparkle
Kyoko Sakura - Madoka Magica
Manami Tome - Madoka Magica
Sailor Moon.

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