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Originally Posted by Mama Austria View Post
Jeran - I went ahead and got the Marilyn wig in that dark black brown shade, and I am so pleased with it! Good call! The Arda wig was not loading for me last night; they were doing updates, it seems. But I feel worlds better about my cosplay now! I'll have pictures in a few weeks after the convention.
Awesome. I can't wait to see pictures of yours (and I can't wait to style mine in a few weeks!).

I'm thinking I might plan on doing other version of Sherlock, other than the purple shirt and coat. Like the bloodied-harpoon scene, and the Vicar. Technically, they'd both be pretty easy since they're just different shirts and such. I love normal-clothes cosplays just as much as the crazy-out-of-this-world ones!

Any suggestions for making a harpoon? I was thinking about fitting a PVC pipe into another, bigger one and painting them. The bottom piece wouldn't look like wood (just brown), but I don't have woodworking tools to actually make it out of wood.
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