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I was planning on keeping my Orc Totem(s) more secretive until the next Blizzcon since I've never seen any done before, but I am not going to wait til 2013 lol. I'm going to test them out at Gencon and Dragon*Con anyway, maybe even massively revamp them, but I am making pretty good progress. Here are the finished sides. I want to make them more accurate in the future but for my first attempt I was quite pleased. I'm only making the Water Totem (Resto Spec!) until I can figure out a better way to move around with all 4. There's more making-of type pics in my gallery.

2012 Plans: GenCon Indy, Dragon*Con, AnimeCrossroads

Alter Egos:
Orc Warlock (WoW) 85% (revamping certain parts for 2013)
Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon) 100% (pics up soon)
James (Team Rocket) 100% (pics up soon)
Orc Shaman (WoW) 75% (revamping process)

Far Future/Dream Alter Egos:
Draenei Paladin (WoW)
Worgen Druid (WoW)
Galio (LoL)
and one more...

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