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I just got Vassen's Bambi Queen Blue and woooah they are huge! They're a similar style to the Princess Mimi lenses, but have a slightly more enlarging effect (I got those too, so I compared them side-by-side). A little strange since they're labeled 14.5mm whereas the Mimis are supposed to be 15mm.
(just indoor artificial lighting...)
They really stand out on the eyes with a very defined pupil and black rims. When they catch the light they look kind of like husky eyes, but most of the time they just look like a medium royal blue kind of color. Not greenish or purple, more like a true blue.

They look a little creepy in super close shots, to be honest. I think it's because the gold color in the center makes the pupils so prominent. But I actually like that, makes the color pop that much more from a distance.
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