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Originally Posted by Reformed Tomboy View Post
Looks great so far!

The only thing I can think to suggest for your totems is something like Tonksie did for her sheep in '10. It was on a little base with wheels and she pulled it along with a rope.

This is what I'm talking about:
Thanks! I should have elaborated that moving around also meant making sure they all will fit in my luggage somehow. They are scaled to 'real life proportions" as much as possible and right now I may have trouble fitting just the one (despite my plan to make it detachable and easier to pack) I love that picture XD

I have a metal candle holder thing I am using right now that is good for the one and for carrying 2-3 of them, but I am trying to figure out how I can make it (them) stand up for brief periods on its own without anything showing (or at least nothing noticeable) when on stage or something. I want the classic square positioning at the four different corners of my Shaman. I've thought of a lot of things but nothing I really like has worked so far (I can't imagine myself being able to handle four wooden things like that at once, and it would break the illusion for them for me too). I'll look into it more (and probably make a topic on it in the help section) when I am done with the rest of the current one. I took a break from foam cutting just now.

This whole thing is one big trial run right now even if I end up just modifying them a bit for the final part (or hopefully not at all). I think these and my Shaman costume in general are turning out way better than my Warlock already, and my Warlock doesn't even need that much done to it before I'll be satisfied.
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