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Tokyo Area Cosplay Store Guide (2013 Update)

Summer 2013 Update

This is a guide/list of cosplay stores I’ve found in the greater Tokyo area over the past 8 years. Figured it would be of help to others, especially those new to the area or just visiting.

Note to us guys: 75% of cosplayers are women. 90% of all cosplay shoppers are women. Thus; Cospaly stores cater to women. Cospa and ACOS however do offer men's sizes for just about every costume they have. They just may not be on display is all (Especially on Otome Road). It's good to ask/check the catalog which will be available at the store or online.


Gee!Store Akihabara (Cospa) - New Costumes/Wigs, Custom Orders, Accessories Y20,000~Y50,000
There is a Cospatio store located on the 5th floor of Gee!Store Akihabara. Cospatio hands down offers the highest quality “off the rack” costumes on the market. Be warned, they are not cheap. The store has a wig section and offers many accessories, cosmetics, and wig styling products.

K-Books Cosplay Akihabara

ACOS Satellite Store Akihabara - New Costumes/Wigs. Y3,000~Y6,000
In the back of the first floor of Animate on the main road Chuo-dori is a small ACOS store. Although small, it has quite a good number of costumes and wigs crammed in there.

Jupiter – New and Used Costumes/Wigs/Uniforms. Y3,000~Y30,000
Located on the 6th Floor of a building on the main road Chuo-dori, this is an excellent shop if you are looking for a discounted used costume. Aside from good quality used cospaly costumes, Jupiter also carries reproduction WWII uniforms, used school uniforms, school bags, and work uniforms.

Mitsubado Cosplay Shop - Used Costumes Y6,000~Y11,000
Located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of a building on one of Akihabara’s back streets. This is another great place to look for quality used anime/game costumes. The store also has used cosplay shoes, swords, and some crafted props.

Bukiya Arms & Armor – New Costumes/armor/weapons Y10,000~Y100,000
This store focuses on reproduction weapons, armor and historical clothing. Chainmail, samurai armor, European medieval clothing, Edo period helmets, early Meiji period uniforms, and a vast array of swords. The store is on the 4th floor and not easily found. Look for a sign outside that’s for a cosplay photo studio on the 2nd floor.

Assist Wig Japan Akihabara - Wigs Y4,000~Y8,000
A nice selection of cosplay wigs. There is a computer so you can look up the character you want on Cure and the staff will help you choose the right base wig. They do not style wigs or take custom orders, but they have a relationship with Fuwat hair salon listed below.

Fuwat - Hair Salon
This is a professional hair salon that will cut and style your wig for you.

Cosmate Plus – New Costumes Y8,000~Y22,000
Near Bukiya, this store is 1/3 anime and game cosplay. 1/3 school uniforms/gym clothes. 1/3 assorted costumes such as maid, race queen... you see where this is going. But the anime costumes are decent quality and the selection of school uniforms is rather good.


ACOS Ikebukuro – New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories/Props. Y6,000~Y20,000
This store has moved to the old Animate building on Otome Road. A true “one stop cosplay shop”. The 1st and 2nd floors have a nice selection of above average costumes (ask to see the catalog book for more costumes/sizes). The 3rd floor is wigs, accessories, and props. There is a very large selection of pre-styled character wigs, wig styling supplies, makeup, eyeglasses, shoes, swords, guns, parasols, even a fake violin with case.

K-Books Ikebukuro Cosplay Hall – New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories/Props. Y5,000~Y15,000
In a new very much improved location at the far end of Otome Road, this store has an excellent selection of costumes and some cheap pre-styled wigs as well. The store also carries some accessories such as eyeglasses, shoes, a few assorted props, plus a small goth/loli section.

Wig Shop Maple Ikebukuro – New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories. Wigs Y4,000~Y6,000
Most cosplayers in Japan are familiar with Maple wigs. The store has a good selection and offers touch ups and some styling services. The store also offers some costumes (Y6,000~Y10,000) and props such as swords. Of note, this is and the Maple store in Nippori are the few cosplay stores I’ve found that sell quality costume facial hair.

Assist Wig Japan Ikebukuro – New Wigs/Accessories. Y4,000~8,000
Assist Wig just opened a new store right off Otome Road in February '12. Mostly un-styled wigs with a few pre-styled. There is a shoe section in the back corner along with some swords/props.

Mandarake Ikebukuro – Used Costumes, New Wigs. Y4,000~Y8,000
This Mandarake store specializes in doujinshi for women, but has a small cosplay section near the entrance with used costumes and some wigs.

Nakano Broadway
Nakano Broadway is actually a mall and predates Akihabara as anime/manga central by about 30 years. It just doesn’t get the international hype. The 2nd through the 4th floor is a haven for collectors in general. FYI the 1st floor escalator takes you straight to the 3rd floor, not the 2nd.

Mandarake Cosplay Hall – New costumes/wigs/accessories Y3,000~Y15,000
Located on the 2nd floor, this store is everything the Mandarake cosplay store in Akihabara should be. A good selection of new costumes and wigs including some pre-styled wigs. There are also a few accessories in the back along with some Goth-loli stuff.

Cosplay Shop Candy-One – New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories Y10,000~Y15,000
Located on the 2nd floor, this store squeezes a lot of costumes into a small place. The store actually takes custom orders and offers good sales on its website. There are also some wigs and accessories such as color contacts and fake gems for costumes/props. FYI, Candy-One has a sister store on the 3rd floor that specializes in Goth-loli.

Campus Shop Cord – New School Uniforms/Accessories Y10,000~Y30,000
Located on the 3rd floor, this store only sells high quality school uniforms and has a good number of men’s uniforms in addition to women’s. The store has a large selection of almost everything school uniform related, but does not sell sailor style or gakuran uniforms.


Cospatio Shibuya (Cospa) – New Costumes/Wigs, Custom Orders, Accessories. Y20,000~Y50,000
Similar to the Akihabara store, only I like this store a little better. This is the store that processes all of Cospa’s custom orders for Tokyo so if you would like a custom made Cospa costume, order here. Be warned, a custom order is very very expensive.

Mandarake Shibuya – New wigs, Used Costumes. Y3,000~Y10,000
Located in a basement on Center Gai, there are a few racks of used costumes that are very reasonably priced. I’ve actually seen a Cospa costume for about Y15,000 (usually Y35,000) for sale there. There are also pre-styled wigs in cases around the store.


ACOS Satellite Shinjuku – New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories/Props Y6,000~Y11,000
Located less than 5 minutes from the East/Kabukichou exit of JR Shinjuku station. On the the 3rd floor of Animate, there is an ACOS section with a number of costumes and some wigs. There is a good number of accessories and above average selection of swords and other prop weapons.

Cosmint - New Costumes/Wigs/Accessories/Custom Orders
Somewhere in Shinjuku... See map. I've never been there, but it seems to be mostly high-quality custom order stuff.


Wig Shop Maple Nippori – New Wigs/Costumes Y4,000~Y8,000
Located to the right of Nippori Station’s south exit is, oddly enough, a Maple Wig store. The store has a good selection of wigs for its size and some costumes. Like the Ikebukuro store, this store also carries good fake mustaches and beards. Of special note is the bargain wig section. This seems to be where Maple sells its overstocked and old wigs at great prices (Y1,000~Y2,000).
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