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Lets see. I'll start with the easiet first. Most people tend to go to the event in their costumes, but others like to change into it when they're there. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with~ No one is going to question a lone american at an event, we'd gladly welcome you, we have many people from practically all over the world attending so there's no need to feel weird, and I'm pretty sure you'll make friends before or at the event. Now. Cons. There are a good number scattered all across the year. MCM London Expo is a big one held twice a year (May and October) check Hyper Japan is also held twice a year (Spring and Autumn) and that has a lot more of a Japanese Culture feel to it rather that Anime, Manga and Games check, Uhm. There's a ton more like LFCC, Kapow!, Kitacon and Amecon are smaller events but generally I've heard they're pretty good too, I think other people can fill in more events for you because I cant remember anymore right now xD
MCM Expo May 2012

Mari (Summer Casual) - Neon Genesis Evangelion (MCM Expo - Friday)
Makise Kurisu - Steins;Gate (MCM Expo)
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