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Ani-Bee... just came home from Fabricland... THEY HAD TEAL VELEVETEEN! It was plain and the perfect colour! It was $18/m it was a medium weight on the lighter side...i think it was literally the perfect stuff you're looking for. I tried to take a couple pics of it but they didn't really capture the was somewhere between these two shades...( basically exactly what hers is for colour ).

You can kind of see the draping in it too showing it's a big of a lighter medium was very soft, i thought it felt more like velvet than velveteen in terms of flexibility.

If you want it and don't want to drive down to Niagara, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Maybe we can meet up at AN and I can give you a would be heavy to ship though, and the next nearest con is FanExpo...HMMM
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