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Looking for cosplay partners for Anime Banzai '12!

So the title, that's pretty self explanatory, yes?

Anime Banzai is a convention held in Layton, Utah every October, so as of now, it's about four months away. Obviously enough, I've caught the cosplay bug...again @____@; I want to cosplay so much my teeth hurt, it's driving me crazy, and I really want to find just a few people who are as insane about cosplay as I am. I wanna cosplay and eat sushi and take pictures and terrify normal people and eat sammiches and...well, you see where this is going, don't you?

Why all of my previous cosplay buddies have disappeared off of the surface of the Earth leaving only non-cosplaying buddies, I have no idea.

So pretty please, if you live in Utah, up in the Valley, and you cosplay, hit me up. Yus?
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~ Is looking for a friendly group of people to cosplay with in the Utah valley. Hit me up!

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