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Progress picture!

Attached the pink/blue tiers~ They don't floof perfectly, but oh well. I found that I had to pin/pleat kind of irregularly, in such a way that it made the bottom of the floofs shape correctly.

Working on the collars... kind of nervous because I still don't feel like I have the right shape, no matter what I do, lol. What do you guys think? http://distilleryimage10.instagram.c...380fe523_7.jpg I almost feel like the V should be a bit deeper and the collar a teensy bit longer, maybe an inch or like 3/4 inch longer.

But tomorrow the dress should be pretty much done, other than the winged bow in front. :D :D :D

... But I am assuredly NOT looking forward to figuring out how to trim the collar... bought some ribbon that I liked the look of, but it doesn't curve. The gold lame bias tape I was able to find in the store looks awful imho. Might have to look into making my own. >_> I know you're supposed to use that pineapple-pleat lame trim, but I personally am not sure if I like how it looks.

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