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Online Wig store Review: Amphigory

First, I'd like to say that this website sells much more than just wigs, so I'd recommend checking them out for other products; like makeup, as well.

Name of Product: Linda B New Look wig (Bright henna red) and Platinum Blond clip-in wefted extension.

Where Purchased:

Product Description: The wig is very soft and has a skin top. The color is a very bright natural red.

Pros: The e-mail notifications were prompt and shipping comes automatically with tracking info via UPS. Many of the wigs come in a wide assortment of colors and color combinations.

Cons: Wigs don't always come in the same range of colors, and it can be hard to find a wig in a 'fun' color ex- pinks, blues, etc. They say on the website it could take more than a month to get a wig after it is ordered. Thankfully I only waited roughly two and a half weeks for mine.

Overall Rating:8/10. I LOVE the wig I got and the wefted extension I got was just what I needed, but the color selection can be limited from style to style. Every step was easy, and my shipment was prompt and on time. I'd highly recommend Amphigory if you are in need of a natural colored wig.
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