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@ slapthefatcat

Originally Posted by Zooombini View Post
Congrats! You did it! do you have any tips for us?

Advice? Let's see...

Don't get lazy; don't let the scale dictate how you feel about yourself; listen to what your body is telling you; EAT (there are no excuses not to, I don't care how busy you are); maintain a fitness regimen, including healthy diet and exercise; don't fall into fad diets-healthy eating has to become a part of your permanent lifestyle;

and, most importantly, don't tear yourself apart because you feel like you aren't reaching your goals. Other people will likely notice major changes in your appearance before you do, and it is very possible for you to disregard the changes you know for a fact are happening (like your body getting leaner/fitter/healthier) because you haven't changed the way you perceive yourself. It's dangerous, it can happen while you're doing everything else that you're supposed to (like eating healthy and exercising), and I am telling all of you this from personal experience.

So, I guest the most important bit of advice I have is to be very careful while trying to achieve your fitness goals, and make sure you remember how awesome you are.

And just in case you forget how awesome you are, keep posting updates on your progress in this forum. We'll let you know. ^_~

Keep up the good work, everyone! I finally finished my last paper for school, so I'm off to tackle a cosplay catastrophe!
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