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Originally Posted by momo6548 View Post
I was hoping to get an opinion on a dress for sale on ebay. Firstly because I've heard so many tales of stolen images on ebay, and secondly I was wondering if with a proper blouse and petticoat this could be a good dress for Lolita. I have a pair of baby blue Angelic Pretty socks that I've been trying to find a dress to go with, and if I get the ok on here I might get this dress.
It's an Angelic Pretty replica, Sugary Carnival, but I don't know how trustworthy that particular ebay seller is. I do know that Dream of Lolita does the same replica, and you can order it through Clobba: (Search for "sugary carnival" to get to it, it's waaay down the page) and it's not that far off price-wise, although I've heard it takes a while to be made. It seems like a safer route, though.
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