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Originally Posted by soraheart74 View Post
I don't want to put in hoops and I'm trying not to use a petticoat.
That is an interesting way a putting it. Could the confusion be that you are trying to sew the hoops into the dress? If so, don't panic. Hoops or crinolines, samething different name, are there own articles of clothing. Some are mostly wire and tape, some are petticoats with wire in channels. Like others have said, it's best to wear a petticoat over the hoop and under the dress to hide the lines. From personal experience wearing a hoop is super comfortable even in the hottest weather because it keeps the cloth away from the body and acts like air conditioning. Also from personal experience it is worth it to wear pantelets, boxers or shorts under your hoop just in case skirts fly up or you trip and fall.
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