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Ultimate The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Cosplay Group - May Expo 2013

Im trying to gather a large ocarina of time cosplay group for may expo 2013, just over a year away and really want a group for a fantastic photoshoot.

Character list, once a character is taken, it's taken, more are welcome but for the main photoshoot were looking for one of each character. I am looking for any and every character for this group
~Pre Time skip characters~
Child Link -
Child Princess Zelda -
Child Malon -
Child Princess Ruto -
Happy Mask Shop Salesman -
Hyrule Postman -
The Great Fairy -

~Main characters (time skip)
~Adult Link - Kara Hook
Dark Link -
Adult Princess Zelda -
Shiek -
Ganondoft -

~The 6 Sages~
Sage Saria -
Sage Darunia - Nicola HumphriesSage
Princess Ruto -
Sage Rauin -
Sage Impa -
Sage Nabooru -

~ Secondary Characters~
Kokiri Mido -
Kokiri Fado -
Kokiri Know it all brothers -
Adult Malon - Emmy Clapp
Talon -
Ingo -
Purple Gerudo Guard -
Red Gerudo Guard - Melissa Joy
Gerudo master of horseback Archery -
Lake Hylia Pond Owner -
Cuccoo Lady -
Skull Kid -

This isn't all the character's just a start
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