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Gold spandex. I swear, never, ever ever ever again. >_< I think that skirt, as short as it was, took me the longest of the 3 skirts to sew. It was a good 5-6 hours. But the skirts are completely sewn together now~!

Still need to find a good gold trim that doesn't look like crap, that I can buy by the yard. I'm thinking about just using my leftover gold spandex and attempting to make bias tape...

My first Sculpey attempt with the brooch didn't really turn out all that well in terms of uniformity... still contemplating how to attach all the components of the brooch together. >_>

Thinking about just gluing everything down to a base of interfaced holographic spandex, since I am going to have a ton of my cardboard-like interfacing left over from my collar, lol...

Oh, and MirniMausi --- it is NOT easy to sculpt a smallish crescent moon out of Sculpey... I failed miserably, lol. Probably need more tools to shape and sculpt.

The wings are occupying a lot of my thoughts~
But, a picture of the wings I'm aiming for:

- I found a giant marabou feather boa on eBay, 10 yards long: $18 with shipping This should be more than long enough to cover the circumference of the front and back of the wings and leave me some extra for downy stuff near the waist.
- Using these loose feathers $23 with shipping to give that feathery wispy look

and then gluing the holographic spandex on top... there should be more than enough extra marabou and loose feathers to make the whole front feathery...

What do you guys think?

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