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-I charge up my camera and video camera. plus any other electronics.
-Play music.
-Play ball with friends or cards.
-EAAATTT!!! Cause it's not always good food at cons. (I go buy groceries near by in my costume usually XD)
-I soak my feet after everyday of the con especially if the costume has heels. >.< One of my friends saw me sitting in the sink with my feet (there was no tub) and was like "What are you doing?!" Lol. Then they did it after.
-I actually nap during the day at the cons in some random public area, in my cosplay, haha. It's because you get up so early and stay up so late and I'm not able to function if I don't nap.
-Stand in front of the fan if it's a summer con. :}D
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