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Originally Posted by DireKitty View Post
Hopefully its not just the online schedule thats been fixed. :3
aaaaaaaaah I hope so @_@

Host Club 101: Host clubs are generally an all male club with many different styles of hosts. Many clubs prefer their host dress in a suit and some clubs are more relax in their style where the host can express their style a little more with how they dress.
A majority of the hosts take at least an hour to do their own hair and they love to wear jewelry and blingy accessories.
If us, Canadians and Americans, look at hosts, we'd think they were girls... not all hosts look feminine, but a majority of them do.
It's why, besides the fact we didn't have enough just male applicants, some girls who applied to crossplay as a host will make the perfect host providing they have the right clothes and attitude. They will not be acting as a girl, regardless if there is a guy who decided to come to our host club, all our hosts will be acting in a manly manner towards each customer.
Here's a picture to show you a type of male host you may see in Japan:
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