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Brand: Pinky Paradise (located in Malaysia, so if you're shipping to the US, make sure you have enough time to get them in - mine came in something like 2.5 weeks)

Price: ~$25 for the contacts themselves, which went up to ~$32 with shipping.

Color: Dolly Eye Brown

Natural Eye Color: medium-dark brown

Comments: I found these looking for a good yellow/gold color for Death the Kid (Soul Eater). Someone on the site reviewed them as being perfect for Ed Elric, so I sprung for them. I really, really like these contacts. I've never worn contacts before, and it was a little freaky putting them in, but they rock. MY ONLY CONCERN if you're looking at PP is that you cannot buy unpowered contacts (at least when I got mine you couldn't). Know your prescription.

Review: A+. I dig these babies like I had a shovel. They're comfortable, they cover my dark eyes, and they're powered, so I don't have to wear my glasses with my cosplay. Woot!

Have some pictures…

This was taken on my iPhone with flash in my bathroom, which has pretty shitty lighting. In this light they have a slightly greenish tint to them.

Side-by-side for comparison, taken without flash.
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