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Fullerton CA Picnic/Cosplay Gathering 2012-06-23

I haven't organized a picnic in months and months. I think it's time to get another one going.

Date: Saturday, 2012-06-23
Where: Hillcrest Park, Fullerton CA. Just up Harbor Blvd. from the Amtrak/Metrolink station.

What: Potluck picnic and cosplay gathering.
Time: Noon to 5:00 pm.
Group photo opportunity: Planned for 4:00 pm.
It's a POTLUCK PICNIC - You should plan to bring something to share. Please. (Mark your dish so we can give you back your leftovers.)

Anime Los Angeles is sponsoring the hamburgers and the pink lemonade, the charcoal, napkins, paper plates and boats, plastic forks and spoons, cups, any park fees needed, and so forth. Some department heads will be on hand to talk about the convention, if anyone cares to have those conversations. It will be another one of our low-key recruiting picnics. Otherwise, just come and have a bite to eat and enjoy a nice day in the park.

Hillcrest Park has lots of photo opportunities, so if you want to get a head start on putting something together for our "Victorian Gothic Sunday Theme" this is a good time to think about it!

Facebook page:

RSVP - "Yes."
1. Access
2. Pam Buck [fb]
3. Christina Cardenas [fb]
4. Hazel Chaz - lemonade, hot dogs, hamburgers
5. Alex Halcyon [fb]
6. Hcoregamer00
7. Monica Landers [fb]
8. Jorge Wasabi Medel [fb]
9. Raquel Melendez [fb]
10. moonymonster
11. Alec Orrock [fb]
12. TheTaskmaster
13. Jirou Tomitake [fb]
14. Nicolas Rustin [fb]
15. Henry Sierra [fb]
16. Tiffany Thomas [fb]
17. Cassie Torres [fb]
18. Uglystick
19. Mike Walters [fb]
20. Kris Zoleta [fb]

21. hanoo_chan
22. W4RHOUS3

22 names as of 2012-06-17.

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