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Hi I'm thinking about making this cosplay too. Moleskin spandex is really nice. I think I bought mine on, you bean but samples from them which is nice if you are looking for the right color. don't use cotton thread it snaps to easy. Use polyester it's way better. Also you can try to tuck the edge under so you have a better separation between colors when you sew. At joanns they have these little bottles for seams that I love, helps the fabric from not fraying.

Regarding the body paint I've been doing a lot of research on it. I've found the reel creations and temptu inks are amazing. You could probably use a brush and they would stay on for a long time. They make sealers to spray over it typo so they really won't come off.

Manic Panic have different colors for hair dye but I would suggest that you go to a pro so you get exactly what you need. And don't forget to take a couple pictures of different angles.

Lime Crime has blue lipstick and gloss that are amazing. And Sugarpill has amazing eyeshadows and lashes. But their lashes are a little on the heavy side.
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