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Originally Posted by ayaasan View Post
@LinkPwnsGanon: Here's my new Merida belt and hip quiver! I'm all finished sewing things up, and now I need to get my sister to help with the Celtic design on the top.

I actually just got back from meeting Merida at Disneyland yesterday, so I was hyped up and went to buy the suede XD

Wondie's new corset is done--I'm just hand-stitching some gold trim for a fun touch. Then onto "sandwiching" the chiffon in between the lining the satin of the corset, making the gathered mini skirt and for the fun part--the armor!!

I also just found out that I need a new dress for a wedding I'm attending, so I figure I'll get a head start on my 1940's cocktail dress for Rarity for the MLP gathering at AM2. (With a matching hat with feathery birds and ostrich feathers :3)
Wow it looks great! By the way I love your choice of wig! xD Whoa! Merida is in Disneyland already?! :O I have to go see her! Good luck on Wondie's (<--haha nice) armor!
Wow the things you can use twice for! xD

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