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Originally Posted by touzoku View Post
Ooo~ Yugioh cosplayers at NYCC/NYAF?

I'm currently dedicating this summer into working on a Touzoku-Ou/Thief King Bakura cosplay.

I can't make a 100% promise that it's going to be to my insane standards of perfection, as due to budgetary chaos, I'm going to have to buy my contacts and scar prosthetics only a month before the con.

But I'm definitely interested! Yugioh is pretty much my number-one passion, and it was a shame that I only saw a few cosplayers last year (I was Yami Bakura that year).
Wow I'm surprised I didn't see you. I saw a Yugi and a Kaiba cosplayer but that was about it as far as Yu-Gi-Oh went >: I'm currently unable to make it 100%(promise wise) but I'd like to join the shoot this year as Jounouchi
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