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Hmmm... I'd say worse comes to worse get a longer wig and modify it?

I have sort of an opposite problem with my cosplay. Touzoku-Ou Bakura's hair's cut is pretty simple, but his color is like part-white, part-silver, with a hint of lavender. I'm probably going to have to slightly tint whatever wig I get with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol, because I go insane over the smallest details.

Again, that depends on if Arda is able to get up an running in time. I've been refreshing the site constantly for the past month because I need to plan things out. D:
True true.
Its just they have Titanium blonde for extremely short lace front wigs. D: otherwise getting a longer wig would defiantly be an option if the color was available.

And I am anal about details too. Lol so yeah.
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