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Originally Posted by Lt.Finn View Post
Note to anybody ever in the history of anything... please don't have sex in the room when you think your friends are sleeping. They are always awake and they will HATE YOU FOR IT.

I wouldn't mind being asked to step out for an hour or two, it's quite understandable. Being woken up by angry sex noises and smells however, is not. Traumatized forever.
Oh god that sounds awful. At worst Ive walked in on a con rookies getting down without warning, and while I didn't mind that she did it, I was peeved at being sexiled from the room that I booked in my name, that she stayed in at minimal cost because I'm generous to good friends, at 2am when I was drunk as skunk and just wanted to lie down.

Everyone learn from our mistakes. Lay out any boundaries you have before getting to the room. And then feel free to chew out anyone who doesn't respect them.
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