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Originally Posted by ayaasan View Post
No worries! I LOVE Star Wars! I actually influenced that as being the theme for the Halloween party at work two years ago XD I just need to take some more pics of my Boushh Bounty Hunter and I'll be ready to submit for the 501st.

I'm also obsessed with Doctor Who, Disney, Tim Burton (although I really didn't care for the Alice movie), Iron Man, Adventure Time, The Venture Bros, The Flash, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, My Little Pony, Homestuck, Indiana Jones, classic Power Rangers, Harry Potter, The Addams Family, BBC Sherlock, The Kingkiller Chronicles...just to name a few, lol.

I actually self draft now, but I still use a pattern for the sleeves, since they're a royal pain. Hoods are super easy, though! I pretty much just draft the pattern on newspaper, and resize the two pieces of fabric via pinning and cutting according to how large I want it. Then do it again with the lining color so you don't have to deal with the raw edges inside and "sandwich" the hood onto the cape or bodice neckline and either machine or hand-stitch
Wow! You have a Boushh Bounty Hunter! :O That's so cool!

I like almost all of those that you listed, except for homestruck, The Venture Bros, The Kingkiller Chronicles. Only because I have never seen them before. xD

My mom sews a lot so when I see her make something usually makes her own patterns from it and when I ask she also says to make my own patterns since patterns are so expensive to buy.
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