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Here's a long overdue review for an experience last October.

Name of Merchant: Classe


Item Purchased: Classe Pro DeepBlue 06 Straight 70 Cm

Links to picture(s): None of my own. I first lost the USB cable for my crappy point-and-click camera, so I took pics using webcam on my really ancient and crappy laptop. Camera and laptop were both stolen in a burglary.
* Item url: s_id=2730

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I went through a shopping service, so it wasn't instant, and I couldn't say exactly how long Classe took. I do know that it took less than half a week for the product to reach Celga (service), and that afterward it took about a week for it to come from Celga to here (California). This was around mid-October.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I didn't deal directly with Classe, for the most part. I decided on a whim to be a school-age Bellatrix for Halloween, and sent them an email in Japanese asking whether they could deal with me directly, and there was a quick response the next day from the sales manager Nishimura letting me know they couldn't at the time. The item itself was represented fairly and is *gorgeous*. It's thick and spacious... Oh, I have to admit, I still had a little bit of trouble fitting into it. That was because I have a good deal of hair, and at the time it went past my hips. My hair is chest-length now, and there's plenty of room. It came in a cute narrow tote with instructions on wearing wigs. I think the only downside to buying from Classe is that they are a little pricey, and that is magnified through shopping service fees and international shipping.

PS Only Classe's Pro line of wigs get the tote bag (or formerly a box, see my next post below). This includes the sub-line of Chara wigs within Classe's Pro line that were produced after May 23, 2011 but before being discontinued April 16, 2012. SARA by Classe wigs get neither the tote nor point accumulation (the latter only matters if you are in Japan, as shopping services tend not to want to deal with bookkeeping of points).

Final Grade:
Classe (product and merchant) = A+
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