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Sorry for double-posting. This one is actually recent. I'll wait for a gap before I post my other reviews, since those are late anyway. A few more days won't hurt, lol.

Name of Merchant: Classe (the brand) / Lovepop-Studio (the authorised dealer)

Website: Classe: / Lovepop-Studio (authorised reseller):

Item: Final Fantasy XIII Oerba dia Vanille B (Classe Pro Chara Wig) [I'm not sure why the A style is the
one that's always sold out. I've always considered the B style more accurate]

Links to picture(s): None of my own. The burglars took my crappy point-and-click camera <__<
* This is the page I bought from:
* Etika, another authorised reseller has more pics:
* Original item url (Chara wig line discontinued due to cease and desist on April 16, 2012): id=3479

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I ordered at the end of April. It took something like 3 or 4 days for the product to reach Celga (service) from Lovepop. International shipping took 5 days, although it was another day before my father picked it up, and then a little over a week before I went home to check the product.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments: I didn't really pay attention to Classe's authorised resellers and "friend shops" at first. While browsing Chara wigs a long, long time ago, I noticed they collaborated with Cosrevo, which was my dream come true -- quality, accurate costumes that I couldn't get at Cospatio because they sold in such limited quantities. Some time down the road, I checked out Alice Garden/Forest, and those were sold through Lovepop-Studio. When I visited the site, I saw that they also sold Classe. I double-checked that they were authorised, and made note to order Classe wigs from Lovepop if I happened to order something from them anyway.
Fast forward to about a month ago. I noticed that Classe's entire chara line disappeared as well as the Miku and Luka boots; I chalked that up to limited runs (Japanese isn't my native language, so I tend to skim for what I'm looking for... kanji is not my friend)... until I visited Cosrevo and found them shut down. Then, I found the tiny "Compliance Notice" link on their page...
Yeah. Anywho. I *really* liked their chara wigs, so I just checked out their resellers, Etika and Lovepop. Both still had the Vanille B style in stock, but the one I checked first was Lovepop, so they got my business.
This product was made a long time ago, before May 23, 2011, so it came in a box. I knew Classe changed their packaging, but I wasn't expecting it to be that much larger. That's part of the reason why the shipping was more expensive this time. It was well-packed (thanks, Celga), but the Classe box was a little squished. I don't really mind; my other purchase shipped at the same time and even though it was smaller (which is why it was placed on top), it was also heavier. Inside the box, the wig was undamaged and beautiful. The hair is divided into low twintails, and both elastics were intact. There was a little bit of stray fibers, but well within reason. Sometime between the production of the wig and now, Classe updated their wig nets, so there was a little added packet with a black wig net explaining so in addition to the skin coloured wig net attached to the product. Yes, this also included a sheet instructing people on how to wear the wig, how to brush the wig, not to keep it near flames or children, etc.
(See this link regarding Classe's packaging: )
Oh, and I went through a shopping service again, so I didn't deal with Lovepop-Studio directly.

Final Grade:
Classe (product) = A+
Lovepop-Studio (merchant/authorised reseller) = A+
RIP CosRevo, Love Laugh, Sweety Pop, Cocosilver.
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