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Originally Posted by ayaasan View Post
Have you ever taken advantage of the $1 pattern sales at Joanns? A couple of base patterns to modify, and you're set. Once you've gotten more advanced, self drafting is actually fun!~ I was sooo proud when I made my USO Girl completely from the promo shots from the Marvel website. I also think it's funny when I follow a pattern, hate the result, and re-draft and love it.

The Venture Bros actually surprised me! It's a bit raunchy, but I found myself loving the plots/character development and laughing out loud so often that before I knew it I'd seen all of the first season...and I already finished the second and am eagerly awaiting the third. This series will actually result in three costumes--I already finished Dr. Girlfriend, want to work on Dr. Mrs the Monarch, and my first crossplay in a LONG time, Pete White, the Albino quiz/radio show host who wears a white blazer and hot pink tights with white loafers with gold buckles :P
*sigh* sadly I don't get to visit Joanns as much as I'd like to. I usual go when my sister need to get like fabric or something. I should plan ahead on things I should buy the next time I go
Hmm I should watch an episode sometime to see how it is.
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