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This is the next most recent cosplay purchase. I figure if the various taobao wig shops are listed, the costume ones can be too ^.~

Name of Commissioner: Blaze Crimson

Website/ gallery:
* Several of Blaze Crimson's circle is on Jumplove is a user. She posts pics of herself and of King Crimson (they have a site together). Another Blaze Crimson girl is Akari1864 (she goes by Akiko on her blog). King Crimson is one of the Yuna's in the item description (she used to be the main pic, but last December or so they updated with new photos).

Character commissioned and series/video game: Final Fantasy X summoner Yuna's costume. It includes the white top, the violet pleated skirt, the obi and bow, the earring/hair dec thing (didn't look closely at that, sorry), a black bra to wear under the white cloth, the gradient sleeves, the flower decoration, and the tie for it.

Links to picture(s):None of my own :/ As mentioned in my above 2 posts, both my crappy point-and-click camera and crappy old laptop with possible webcam photos were stolen in a burglary.
* Item url:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): I ordered through taobaospree, since I live in America. The order was placed early December 2011. Blaze Crimson conservatively said I may need to wait 3 weeks. At one point in the process, I guess the listing was closed or something, but it re-opened (I watched this happen occasionally with this store and with another... It probably happens to all stores, but it's easier to notice with smaller stores). However, all of my items (this costume AND two other pre-made items from two other stores) arrived at taobaospree's location eight days later. I paid taobaospree for international shipping a day later, and two days after that I got a tracking number. Between tracking number and receiving the product was just four days (it was another four days before I got to open the box and check the items).

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. The gave me a conservative estimate and the item was ready much earlier! Of course, this being Yuna, a lot of the pieces were one-size within a reasonable range, i.e. the obi and bow, the flower decoration, the white top. The only thing that was "sized" was the skirt, for which I put a length request for (I wanted it slightly longer than they made for King Crimson, so I gave them an absolute length rather than my height). The item is very true to the photos and, as I described to my taobaospree agent, 99.9% perfect. The one nitpicky con would be that the flowers on the skirt and obi are painted on (which I knew before purchase). This means that this can only be a costume. If I were to use it as frequent dailywear, the flowers will get creases and cracks and whatnot. It looks beautiful as a costume, and it's fine as long as it's limited to photoshoots and the occasional con (I'm not a congoer, so... even better for me!) The tassle thing on the "earring" was also a bit of a mess by the time it got to me, although I'm not sure that it's Blaze Crimson's fault.

* Very rarely, they put out notices that they are looking for cosplayers to add to their circle (or some such). I think the girl who is the main pic for the product (Huanlan, apparently) is similar to that. There is an older photo of her in a pink Chii costume, less experienced and not Photoshopped. After she joined their roster, Blaze Crimson provided her with costumes and paid for photoshoots with Aquarius Vision (Houbin Gensou), a studio they have a deal with; now, unretouched photos are provided of the costume, but the model's face is now blocked out. Their requirements for these cosplayers are that they must be at least a certain height (Huanlan is about 5'6", iirc), lighter than a certain weight, flatter the costumes, and love cosplaying (sorry for the vagueness; I'm only including what I'm *sure* Google Translate meant).

Final Grade:
Blaze Crimson (commissioner): 99.9% = A+
RIP CosRevo, Love Laugh, Sweety Pop, Cocosilver.
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